I love running my craft workshops and have been regularly running them from my home for a while. However the Il Magpie workshop environment has not been all that I would wish for and I worried that this affected the overall customer experience. Our long, narrow kitchen was too small for much movement and it was difficult to separate the work in progress, completed work and the refreshments provided. As workshop environments go it was adequate but not ideal.

This blog post takes you on a tour of the exciting changes that are happening at the nest to make YOUR workshop experience more enjoyable.

Now the Il Magpie workshop environment is getting a radical make over! It will give forthcoming workshops an inspiring & practical space to get creative in.

However at the moment it looks like this:

Building work well under way to make the Il Magpie workshop environment an inspiring and practical place

What Is Happening?

A rethink of almost the entire downstairs footprint is giving us a much larger, squarer kitchen.

These quick sketches of the old layout versus the new layout really give you an idea of the better use of space.

The kitchen units will form a U Shape around the farthest end of the kitchen. The computer generated picture the kitchen company have given us shows the room when looked at from inside the back door (I am beginning to think that they know us too well, including the bottle of wine!)

Detailed plans to make the Il Magpie workshop environment an inspiring and practical place

The under stairs cupboards have been improved and extended. They will contain a cloak room, extra storage space and a chalk board on the outside of one.

These three doorways will contain a cloak room and more storage with a chalk board on one door

Finally there is a re-vamped and easily accessible bathroom situated just inside the door for workshoppers convenience.

How Will The Changes To The Workshop Environment Improve The Experience?

This means that the workshop environment will be much easier for attendees to move around, getting new perspectives on their work in progress or picking up further materials.

Plug sockets in the floor under the central work table allow sewing machines, hot glue guns and other electrical tools to be plugged in without trailing cords. Plugs with USB sockets will allow me to use more technology to help in the teaching and learning process.

These brushed steel double electrical sockets mounted in the floor will make using sewing machines much safer

The space now has two windows and French doors allowing lots more natural light in and 10 recessed LED spotlights throughout the rest of the room simulate daylight when none of the real stuff is available.

There will be a gallery wall in clear line of sight from the work table that students can use for inspiration or display.

This cheerful yellow wall will showcase a gallery of inspiration and if you look carefully under the building supplies you can just see the pew.

A separate space for relaxing with a hot drink and a slice of cake is now possible and will be furnished with a converted pew and side tables to let students chat and socialise.

At the other end of the table a movable trolley allows students to watch videos or presentations of techniques they are learning on repeat.  A blackboard on the door of one of the cupboards can be used to brainstorm ideas or write reminders for drying times. Another cupboard hides a cloakroom where coats can be safely stored away from paint and dye.

Finally there is a re-vamped and easily accessible bathroom situated just inside the door for work-shoppers convenience.

The downstairs work-shoppers bathroom with the tiles just starting to go on the wall

When Can You Come And Try It Out?

Work is scheduled to finish in early May so sign up to my mailing list below to be the first to know when the grand launch event is and what workshops there are for you to enjoy!
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