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Granny Square Crocheted Seat Cover

This project has been a long time in the making! It is a Granny Square crocheted seat cover for my office chair.  I found the pattern for the initial Granny square online (if I can ever find the link I will update this post to share it!) and then I worked the rest out as I went along

You may have seen it feature in my post on Travel Crafting or featured fairly often on my Instagram account (usually with my cat sitting on it so that I am unable to work on it!).

Close up of detail on crocheted seat cover showing button fastening around the leg


It has been unpicked and re-done more times than any other project I have attempted and I have to say I am pleased with the result.  I know it is not quite a perfect fit but it is comfortable, fun and happy.  I am happy to call that a result.

Close up of the granny square seat cover showing each of the squares


Crocheting Remembrance Poppies

I have loads of things on the go at the moment and nothing finished.  It is getting frustrating!  I was badly in need of a quick win when a work colleague admired the beautiful crocheted  Remembrance Poppy that Boffin had bought me.  As they had to be pre-ordered I knew of no way to get her one in time for the 11th November.

I have no previous experience of crocheting flowers and no clue where to start so I turned to the internet and found this lovely pattern.  Some scraps of wool and an hour later I had made her a Poppy.  I was thrilled because something was finished, she was thrilled because she had a lovely hand made Poppy to wear! She is going to make a donation to the Poppy appeal for this one.

Remembrance Poppies are not only beautiful and poignant they are an essential part of what is important in life, to remember the sacrifices that others have made so that we can enjoy our lives today.

Pattern Review: Cool Knitted Campervan Cushion…

A while ago I spotted this cool knitted campervan cushion pattern on Pinterest, Unusually for me I ordered the PDF pattern online the same evening and also the yarn!

This teal and white knitted campervan cushion comes from a PDF download pattern that I review in this blog post.

Much to my liking the pattern was knitted in Serenity Super Chunky yarn (I like my knitting to grow quickly) and one longish car journey later I had my front. The pattern was really easy to follow, even though I am not that experienced with charts and the knitting part was great.

I have never done Swiss Darning before and had to turn to my knitting “bible” book and learn. It was tricky to get the coverage right with it and I’m not completely happy with the results.

I have never tried Swiss darning before. Not entirely happy with my first attempt!

I have to look up some tricks and tips on how to get the stitches to cover the knitting better. I would be very grateful if anyone had any tips!

Back Stitch and Chain Stitch Form the VW Symbol


The back stitch and the chain stitch for the VW symbol on the knitted campervan cushion were both straight forward but getting the proportions of the symbol were difficult. The pattern provided a template but I couldn’t work out how to use a template with knitting and so sewed it by eye. I’m not unhappy with the results though.

The rear lights were a bit of a brainwave. I found a mixed colour yarn that faded from red to orange and back again. So I just cut the bits out of it that were the appropriate colour and used them for the Swiss darning. Bargain!

Finding a variegated red and orange yarn and using different parts of it to sew in the two colours of the tail lights was a bit of a brainwave!

To be quite honest I did not fancy the fuss of sewing a zip into a knitted item (as recommended in the pattern) so I cheated and opted to sew contrasting buttons at regular intervals along the bottom edge.

Finding and installing a zip was a bit of a nightmare so I cheated and sewed contrasting red buttons along the bottom to close the cushion.

The pattern specified a normal 40 cm (16 inch) cushion pad but I read a post once that suggested you put a slightly larger pad in for a lovely “plump” cushion.  Anyway I bought a 45 cm (18 inch) pad and punched the top corners in a bit in order to fit the slightly shaped cushion.

This simple to follow and cute knitted campervan cushion pattern was really enjoyable to make. The pattern and yarn were both reasonably priced and no fancy equipment was required that I had to spend money on. My only slightly dodgy moments were the Swiss darning – I wish I had practised on an old jumper or something first.

I already have a commission to make another one so it can’t be that bad!

The final cushion is heard wearing and cute. I will definitely be making more.

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