Blocking knitting or crochet (pinning it out to the correct size whilst damp) is tedious and time consuming. When you have hundreds of granny squares for a project it assumes nightmare proportions. I thought I would share with you today easy way to block your granny squares. The way that I do it saves time, effort and sanity!

This is the easy way to block your Granny Squares to the right size and shape for your projects.

I’ll keep this short, and to the point. You will need:

  • Four knitting needles (metal or plastic ones and make sure they are fairly fine).
  • A fairly sturdy cardboard box (I used one that holds my cat’s food sachets!)
  • A felt tip pen
  • A ruler
  • A craft knife
  • Spare cardboard (heavyweight)

This is how you use them to block your granny squares:

This is the easy way to block your Granny Squares to the right size and shape for your projects.

  1. On the top of your box draw out a square that is the size that you want your finished squares to be.
  2. In each of the four corners use the craft knife to cut a small slot.
  3. Push the knitting needles through the slots, make sure they are straight and mark where the point of the needle touches the bottom layer of the box.
  4. Cut slots in these four points too.
  5. Push the knitting needles through all four slots (both layers).
  6. Having the two layers helps them to stay straight and the right size.
  7. On the spare cardboard mark out two additional squares the correct size.
  8. Cut slots in the four corners of both square for the knitting needles.
  9. Check the squares fit.
  10. Load all your granny squares into a pillow case (this stops things unravelling!)
  11. Wash your granny squares according to the washing instructions on your yarn.
  12. Thread the damp granny squares onto the knitting needles in a stack. When the stack is half way up the needles thread on one of your card squares. Then continue until the needles are full.
  13. Once you have blocked your granny squares it is time to put them on a window sill to dry.
  14. Once you are sure they are dry take them off of the knitting needles. They should be square and a regular size ready to put them together!

No individual pinning onto towels, space saving and inexpensive. This is my idea of easy but I am always on the lookout for ways to make things easier, all tips and tricks welcome!