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(Or Why I Do What I Do!)

Those of you who regularly read this blog know that I am a craftaholic. It was my love of crafts and my inability to choose one over all the others that led to the start of Il Magpie Miscellancea Di S. I can say without a doubt that the last year has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and exciting of my life.

For me the decision to base my business on crafts was easy. Over the years I have watched the people I have came in contact with and without a doubt the people who have been the happiest have been those that have had the opportunity to take their ideas and run with them!

You have a sense of ownership that can’t be equalled and that means your heart and soul shine through. You are on display like never before but that means you can embrace and communicate your own values, no more singing from the company hymn sheet. You actually believe in what you do. This means you meet like minded people.

That could be one of the reasons why my craft workshops and groups like the Mumpreneurs Networking Club are a huge bonus. The old saying that “It takes a village” also means that we women are hotwired to support each other through good times and bad. If a friend has something to celebrate I am the first to open the champagne or to pass the tissues when things go wrong. In fact the whole reason I am on the Mumpreneurs Networking Club Bus Tour is because a friend thought it would be a great opportunity for me. My passions chime with theirs and the support comes through.

The Mumpreneurs Networking Club Bus Tour
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It seems obvious that I would wake up each day and run towards my day’s work because I am lucky enough to share what I love doing. But everyone has off days. There are the days when the website crashes or I meet a troll on social media,or indeed the infamous day when I put my hand into a band saw (don’t advise it, very painful).

The same day can also see me teaching to someone to knit, or get to play with a new material and the huge variety in a single day is stimulating, exciting and takes me out of my comfort zone almost daily. Variety is the spice of life and that means my life is really spicy.

Running any small business means that you are constantly learning and running one that reflects your values and passions mean that learning is exciting and interesting. You can see the point of everything you do, because YOU are deciding to do it. No more sense of time-wasting in order to just tick boxes!

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