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Crocheting Remembrance Poppies

I have loads of things on the go at the moment and nothing finished.  It is getting frustrating!  I was badly in need of a quick win when a work colleague admired the beautiful crocheted  Remembrance Poppy that Boffin had bought me.  As they had to be pre-ordered I knew of no way to get her one in time for the 11th November.

I have no previous experience of crocheting flowers and no clue where to start so I turned to the internet and found this lovely pattern.  Some scraps of wool and an hour later I had made her a Poppy.  I was thrilled because something was finished, she was thrilled because she had a lovely hand made Poppy to wear! She is going to make a donation to the Poppy appeal for this one.

Remembrance Poppies are not only beautiful and poignant they are an essential part of what is important in life, to remember the sacrifices that others have made so that we can enjoy our lives today.

Spooky Sweeties for Halloween

We’re not much for celebrating Halloween in our house.  We no longer have small children and my husband and I never “Trick or Treated” as kids (him because he lived in the middle of nowhere and me because I lived in a big city where the process turned VERY nasty).

We now live in a medium /large village where “Trick or Treating” is done beautifully. Parents accompany their kids, it is about sweets and treat (not money) and they never call at a house unless you have a carved Pumpkin outside your front door.  Because to this I wanted to get more in the spirit this year.

I saw a tutorial on “A Beautiful Mess” a couple of weeks ago for Lollipops made to look like ghosties that was really sweet (If you haven’t had a roam around “ABM” take a look, it is my all time favourite blog, completely inspiring and very beautiful!). These spooky sweeties for Halloween were an incredibly easy to make and the children will remember getting something so special.

I  decided  to tweak the idea a bit for some cute things to give to our little visitors on the 31st .  Using fabric felt a bit wasteful as it would be discarded by the little cherubs in thirty seconds flat and little hands would struggle with undoing knots.

Underneath are lollipops.  I used tissues, half a pipe cleaner wrapped around and bent into reaching “arms” and a felt tip pen for the faces.

Can’t wait for Halloween to give them out!

Image of round lollipops wrapped with tissue and pipe cleaners and drawn to look like ghosts

Warming Your Welcome (with free printable)


When it comes to house-warming gifts I am often at a loss.  I am no cook and if it is not a first home most people have the things that they really need and distinct tastes that you have to try and guess at!

Then I stumbled across a wonderful pin that showed a simple (and usually very welcome) gift idea with an amusing twist.  My brain started twisting and turning and in no time I expanded the repertoire to four gift ideas in the same vein, each with their own (admittedly fairly cringe-worthy) pun.

The labels are spaced so that you can use an ordinary two hole punch to punch the holes in them (with a handy centre line to line the centre of the punch up with) and there is space to write on the back of them.

If you want to use the labels yourself for your own house-warming gifts please feel free to download them- Housewarming Labels from Il Magpie

To use the labels, simply print them and trim off the extra along each side of the label.

House Warming Labels-6

Then fold the strip in half and glue together.

House Warming Labels-7

Line each of the centre lines up with the hole punch centre line in turn and punch.

House Warming Labels-5

Thread ribbon or cord through and tie!

House Warming Labels-2

House Warming Labels-3


House Warming Labels-8

Happy house-warming!

Linking up this week to I Heart Naptime’s “Link Party Palooza”.

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