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Bubble Painting Made Easy (With Any Age)

Bubble painting is a great craft for any age. It can also get really messy very quickly. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. Just follow this method and the simple tips will let you stay in control!


Materials Needed:

  • Ready mixed washable paints ( I used these )
  • Washing up liquid
  • Mixed media paper or thin card sheets
  • Plastic drinking straws (5 or 6 per kid)
  • Sellotape
  • Blue tack
  • Old yogurt pots or disposable plastic cups
  • Something to cover your table with, newspaper will work but I like to turn black bin sacks into sheets and use them.



How To: Bubble Painting…


Step One:

Cover your table to stop it getting painty. Newspaper or a cheap plastic party tablecloth work well but Tip No. 1 is to cut the bottom off of a black sack and spread it out.

Step Two:

Tip No. 2 is to use sellotape to tape together five or six straws. This helps small lungs get enough air into the paint to make bubbles without passing out!.

Step Three:

Get your young one to choose their first colour. Tip No.3 – Mix about a teaspoon full each of paint and washing up liquid together in an old yogurt pot or plastic cup. I used the straws to stir the mixture. The paint works best when it’s about the same consistency as milk so you may need to add a teaspoon of water if your paint is thick. The containers get pretty manky during the process so being able to bin them at the end is a blessing.

Step Four:

Tip No. 4 – Put four small dots of blue tack on the bottom of the cup or pot. When you press the pot down onto your work surface it should stop it being knocked over so easily.

Step Five:

Get your youngster to put the end of the taped straws in the cup and blow until the mixture bubbles up above the rim.

Step Six:

Place your paper face down onto the bubbles then lift STRAIGHT UP to take it away. If you take it off sideways the bubble painting will smudge. Tip No. 5– I recommend using either mixed media paper or thin card as they don’t wrinkle when they get wet.

Step Seven:

Repeat step six until you have all the you want of that colour on the page. Tip No. 6 – It looks really good if you overlap some of the bubble shapes. Then put your sheet to dry.

Tip No. 7 – If you want a multi-coloured masterpiece get your young one to make two or three pictures at the same time. Start each with the same colour. The first one will dry while they do the next. Once the third is finished they’ll be able to move onto the next colour with the first picture.  No smudges. This can carry on for as long as your child’s attention span lasts!

Step Eight:

Leave the pictures to dry. This takes longer than usual because of the soap. But they’re usually dry by the next day.


Bonus tip!

If you want simple home made presents for your kids to give friends and family      Hobbycraft do basic notebooks with kraft paper covers that take bright colours of bubble patterns well. Open them out, print onto them and BOOM! Pretty handmade gifts.



I think these are great ways to keep a potentially messy craft under control. Go on, try them and let me know what you think!

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