Un Petit Cadeau

We have some wonderful friends in the village who are never failing in their support and care during difficult times. They are a remarkable family. Mum is the most staggerly organised person I know running husband, three children and a large dog and making it look effortless! Dad is in the armed forces and travels […]

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New Toys!

Well, I’m back and raring to go!  We had a wonderful holiday, if too short. Just before we went away I downloaded the Picasa software that many other bloggers talk about and have been itching to give it a try. What better for a first attempt than to practice on my holiday photos! Be gentle […]

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Four Letters for the Birthday Boy,

(as opposed to three cheers!) The finished letters, alongside a (old) photo of Alex. It is my Godson Alex’s fifth birthday on the second of August and I like to make things for him while he is still young enough to like having things made for him. Anyway, I bought these letters at the shop […]

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It’s Panto Time – Oh no it isn’t!

Well, it’s village panto time again and that means that I am on duty as set designer and chief artist.  It also it means that Boffin (long suffering husband) is learning lines and number one daughter seems to be doing dance routines in her sleep! Anyway, Boffin is a ship’s captain in this year’s Dick […]

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