The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

My niece loves to have tea parties with her “baby” Max and her other toys.  She is a very girly girl and has firm opinions about the colour pink and who should (and more importantly should not!) wear it. For Christmas I decided to make her a picnic blanket so that she and her friends […]

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Un Petit Cadeau

We have some wonderful friends in the village who are never failing in their support and care during difficult times. They are a remarkable family. Mum is the most staggerly organised person I know running husband, three children and a large dog and making it look effortless! Dad is in the armed forces and travels […]

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New Toys!

Well, I’m back and raring to go!  We had a wonderful holiday, if too short. Just before we went away I downloaded the Picasa software that many other bloggers talk about and have been itching to give it a try. What better for a first attempt than to practice on my holiday photos! Be gentle […]

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Four Letters for the Birthday Boy,

(as opposed to three cheers!) The finished letters, alongside a (old) photo of Alex. It is my Godson Alex’s fifth birthday on the second of August and I like to make things for him while he is still young enough to like having things made for him. Anyway, I bought these letters at the shop […]

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