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Now that my social “knit and natter” group “Yarning” has been running for a few weeks (If you love Yarn crafts come and join us, more details here) I have found myself posting links to videos in the group Facebook page so that attendees can check them out in their own time and come back to them repeatedly if they need to. Five of the videos have stood out as being useful YouTube videos for learning to crochet in particular so I have decided to corral them into this post for easy reference.

The 5 Most Useful YouTube Videos For Learning To Crochet like this (and this includes left handers too!)
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There are loads of useful YouTube videos for learning to crochet but as I am left handed I wanted to make sure that (wherever possible) there are decent left handed versions available as well.

Before we start I have to point out that most of these Tutorials are American. That means they use US crochet terms. If they are using UK crochet terms I will make it clear in the title. If you don’t know how US crochet terms translate into UK ones you can download my free guide here.

Without further ado here are my…

5 Most Useful YouTube Videos For Learning To Crochet

Crochet Slip Knot – Beginner Course: Lesson #4 (by the Crochet Guru)

I like the fact that she takes you through THREE different ways to tie a slip knot and that this video will work for you whether you are left or right handed. Her explanations are really clear and don’t waffle. I have to admit that I’m a pretzel girl myself 😉

Crochet basics – Chain stitch & Foundation chain (by Bella Coco)

This is the same in both the UK and US.

Ok, you can let out a cheer because this video is BRITISH! She starts by giving you yet another way to tie a slip knot and then de-mystifies the chain stitch. I particularly like the fact that she puts the pattern shorthand (ch) on the screen AND the UK and US terms. In this case they are no different but it’s still nice to have this reinforced.

If you are LEFT-HANDED and want to learn this most of the videos are disappointing because they are either poor quality or they are the same tutorial as that for right handed people where they have just mirrored the footage (cheats!).

The best of a bad lot is another video by the Crochet Guru. The video is really clear and easy to follow I personally just find it disappointing that it isn’t being done by a left hander!

Crochet basics: US Single crochet (UK Double Crochet) starting a foundation chain (by Bella Coco)

The single crochet stitch is one of the basic building blocks of crochet. A lot of the patterns you see are made up of different combinations of chain, single crochet, double crochet, half treble crochet and treble crochet stitches.

Disappointingly I couldn’t find a single video that I felt both explained the process of putting single crochet stitches into a foundation chain clearly AND that had decent quality video. I may have to resort to making one!

US Double Crochet Into A Foundation Chain (UK Treble Crochet) (by Crochet Guru)

Both the right and left handed versions of this video are lovely and clear.  The video deals with making US double crochet stitches into a chain to give a square(ish) result.

This is the left handed version of the video

How to Crochet Magic Circles: Double Crochet (The Crochet Crowd)

This video shows you how to start any circular project (including Granny Squares) in the simplest way. I particularly rate it because he shows you how to tie a slip knot clearly and is very clear about how to finish off stray ends or “stragglers”.

It is a long video and he doesn’t feel the need to fill in any gaps of information with chatting (which I find confuses me when I am following instructions).  At 11 minutes in he shows you how to turn a corner and at 19 minutes he gives a valuable “rule of thumb” for making sure that included stragglers don’t get unwound.

And the same thing for left-handers-

I hope that you find these videos all nice and easy to follow. In my opinion these were the most useful YouTube videos for learning to crochet although there are a lot of others. If you have any links to videos you think would be clearer please feel free to post them in the comments section or in our Yarning Facebook Group.

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