Welcome to a new approach to craft…

Here at Il Magpie we are constantly looking to reach new people and show them what we already know…. That crafts are an important reminder of what is truly important in life.

By taking part in crafts we both learn new capabilities and stretch our existing ones, As a by product you find yourself taking time out to relax and unwind. Your confidence and your community (both immediate and extended) will build and evolve.

The craft workshops…

we run are deliberately planned to de-mystify crafts and allow ANYONE to produce an attractive result that they can be proud of. No matter what the subject, you will work in a small group with plenty of support through the whole process. Wherever possible you will take a finished project home with you at the end of the workshop. When that is not possible we offer support via social media, Skype and, where appropriate, one to one tutorials that mean you can cross the finish line. This helps you to build confidence as you work.

Via the blog…

we provide information about the materials and techniques that you may have tried and suggest potential next projects where you can build upon your new skills. We also aim to introduce you to people who work in these fields that will amaze and inspire you. Browse the latest entries or pick a material and see if you can find something you can try!

Once you take a Magpie Workshop you are part of our Tiding!*

We love to show off our student’s work via our galleries and also allow you to keep in touch with the people you meet and their future adventures in crafting. This is our way of introducing you to the creative community, a warm and welcoming place. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google + to join in!

*A “Tiding” is a collective noun for a group of Magpies

Square papercut image of two magpies on a brand in black and white